Accessing Different Data Sources

Accessing Different Data Sources


Getting Things Done with the Data You Need

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    When it comes to getting your job done, data integration can be a nightmare. The tools and processes that you have to find and share data within your organization can be fractured and inconsistent, at best. In this session, see how you and other members of your team can leverage Mendix to gain greater access to data sources you need so that you can more readily integrate them into your apps. Learn how to:

    • be comfortable with the process of data integration in Mendix for your day-to-day work
    • explore and discover data sources within Mendix
    • use the Mendix Studios and Virtual Entities to effortlessly share and use data


    • Andrej Koelewijn

      Sr. Product Manager, Mendix

    • Jon Scolamiero

      Manager Architecture & Governance Product Marketing, Mendix


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