Crafting an Enterprise Architecture

Crafting an Enterprise Architecture


Crafting an Enterprise Architecture

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    Trane Technologies is an industrial manufacturing company with nearly 50,000 global employees. Rapid digitalization remains a priority for enterprise organizations, and Trane is no exception to that, but bringing in new technology and gaining executive buy-in was a challenge. To drive these efforts forward, Director of Integrations Architecture, Miroslav Samoylenko, and his team set out to construct a low-code center of excellence to bring solutions to market faster. You’ll hear from Samoylenko on how to:

    • structure a federated CoE across four pillars—standards, communication, architecture, and governance
    • define the KPIs for success across projects
    • address ROI and make the case for scale


    • Miroslav Samoylenko

      Dir of Integrations Architecture, Trane Technologies


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