Developer’s Guide to UI/UX

Developer’s Guide to UI/UX


Incorporate Users In the Design Process: How the Mendix Platform Team Does It

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    The value of a great UX can be measured in dollars and cents—nearly every dollar invested yields up to $100 in returns. Learn about the value of investing in an improved UX from Mendix Product Manager, Jelena Golubovic, PhD, who will simultaneously take you through a revamped version of the Mendix platform onboarding process to better enable your developers. This session covers:

    • the proven business value of improved UX
    • how and why the Mendix Community & Collaboration team updated the Mendix platform UX
    • simple tips for conducting your own UX research which you can put in practice today


    • Jelena Golubovic

      PhD, Product Manager, Mendix


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