Get Your First App Live

Get Your First App Live


Identify & Address Development Gaps: How to Run Your Own Low-Code Maturity Assessment

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    Getting your first application live is a major milestone towards executing on your long-term low-code vision. Ensuring that you have the right mechanisms in place from a team and tech standpoint will keep you on track for sustained growth. From thinking through agile adoption to how you measure success, Director of Strategic Consulting at Mendix, Mike Tarentino, will take you through the steps of conducting a low-code maturity assessment to uncover how to:

    • evaluate your current organization against the 4 P’s – people, process, portfolio, and platform – to identify gaps in your app development practice
    • appropriately benchmark your work as an organization with less than ten applications live
    • address the areas where you need improvement to start accelerating your digitalization


    • Mike Tarentino

      Dir. Strategic Consulting, Mendix


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