Implementing a QA Process for App Efficiency

Implementing a QA Process for App Efficiency


Implementing a QA Process for App Efficiency

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    Developing applications without a clear software testing process can lead to costly bugs and downtime. Having a process in place not only helps to reduce these costs, but also allows your team to be more productive. In this session, hear from Product Manager, Ovidiu Lutea, and Product Marketing Manager, Michael Giller, on QA best practices to help reduce your test creation and execution time, gain deeper insight into app performance, and have a clear view into your portfolio health. You’ll see how you can:

    • reduce the number of bugs – and the costs associated with them – by implementing a software testing process from the start of development
    • unlock the potential of business users, allowing them to participate in test creation and execution
    • create an agile software testing process and embed into your development team for demonstrated process improvements


    • Ovidiu Lutea

      Product Manager, Mendix

    • Michael Giller

      Product Marketing Manager, Mendix


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